One North Eden Condo today

26-10-2021 à 09:27:08
With most of the recent One North Eden Condo Balance Units transactions falling within the $ 1,500psf and $ 2,000psf price range, it seems to suggest that an investment case could be made when it comes to investing in landed properties in Sentosa. However, the follow-up question then is, how do Penrose condo review units compare against landed transactions in mainland Singapore?
To answer that question, transaction prices for landed units from 2017 to 2019 in Sentosa were compared against 3 other regions: (1) Bukit Timah, (2) River Valley & Tanglin and (3) Clavon review. Based on Figure 2, we can see that when it comes to landed units that are around the size of between 200sqm (2,152sqft) and 300sqm (3228sqft), units in Sentosa are comparably priced against the popular landed locations in Singapore.
When it comes to Dairy Farm Residences And Private Property prices inch up of between 650sqm (6,994sqft) and 900sqm (9,684sqft), Sentosa properties appear to command a premium as compared to similar sized units in mainland Singapore. At those sizes, the price ceiling for The Watergardens At Canberra Review is at $ 2,500psf, whereas the price ceiling for mainland units is at $ 2,000psf. A possible reason behind the difference is that the larger units in Sentosa tend to be waterfront units. Given the uniqueness and scarcity ofthe Watergardens at Canberra project details , a price premium is not unexpected.


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