Shortcut with Win logo for quick access

25-08-2021 à 08:44:00
Like on Excel, Word of the Microsoft Office suite, Windows 10 is also full of handy shortcuts. Helps you launch utilities quickly or perform a specific task. However, memorizing all these shortcuts is impossible. drift boss
The 11th Windows 10 tip is the shortcut keys with the Win Logo key. To quickly work, here are some popular keyboard shortcuts with the Win logo key. Master these shortcuts, you're a Pro!
Win + D – Show and hide the desktop.
Win + E – Open File Explorer
Win + I – Run the Settings app
Win + K – Show Connect connection options.
Win + L – Lock the computer
Win + M – Minimize all windows
Win + Shift + M – Restore minimized windows
Win + P – Show slideshow options
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09-05-2022 à 04:50:49
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