Microsoft compensation

20-07-2021 à 15:08:10
I want to share with you an article I recently read: microsoft compensation

The essence of the article is that Microsoft decided to revise their criteria for evaluating employees, so now, they pay attention to experience, skills, and the quality of work performed. While omitting all sorts of sexist and racist moments.

It seems to me that this is the correct approach in our democratic world, when, finally, you are perceived as a person, and not as a follower of various stereotypes.
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29-07-2021 à 08:33:18
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18-01-2022 à 11:44:32
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18-01-2022 à 12:28:30
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18-01-2022 à 13:18:13
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18-01-2022 à 13:46:31
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18-01-2022 à 14:38:30
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19-01-2022 à 04:28:40
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