04-05-2022 à 10:07:12
Welcome to the incredibly beautiful world of mining. Here your mission is to build your own mining empire. You are free to be creative and build your own truly progressive coal mining empire and become the richest mining tycoon. world at this exciting game.
 You will start with 1 worker. This will be difficult because you have to directly run him for him to work. But when you have collected a certain amount of money you can unlock more managers. And he will run the mining workers for you. After the puzzle you will continue to be able to upgrade more modern factories and soon become a rich tycoon.
 Surely everyone has free time during the day and has not found joy in that time. I have an interesting suggestion for you about an extremely attractive idle game. You will crush it like all players of this game. It's Idle Mining Empire game. Start mining empire now.
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