What can you do to overcome anxiety?

25-08-2021 à 06:44:24
Anxiety is a normal response to certain situations. With the tips below combined with a few exercises, you can learn how to keep your spirits up.
Don't be afraid to worry
Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences and it can even be helpful so we shouldn't be afraid of these emotions.
Most of us feel this way when there are new challenges and opportunities. It is thanks to emotions and experiences that will help you grow in a positive direction if you can face it.
Anxiety is your body's way of preparing for what's to come, usually something outside your comfort zone. Letting go of your fear and accepting that it is a completely natural experience can help control your nerves.
Prepare well for events with advance notice
You can't always predict or plan for everything life throws your way. However, there are some work and social situations that you can prepare for in advance. Including:
Practice, prepare well for a presentation or scheduled work meeting
Have a friend or relative accompany you to an event or appointment
Invest time to get ready for work, dates or other social events
Review the event positively
Lack of confidence in yourself can also cause you to ruin any event that you would normally blame on your nervousness, tremors, or anxiety. When you start to doubt your abilities, find a way to think more positively, have confidence in yourself, and do your best to get the job done.
To do this, you need to constantly think and talk positively or visualize the outcome you desire. taming io
Talk to your loved ones 
Talk to a loved one, be it your mom, your best friend, or anyone else you trust. Sharing your feelings with others will put you at ease by helping to put things into perspective. They can help you see situations in a more rational, positive way.
One study found that sharing your feelings with others, especially someone who has been through a similar situation, can reduce stress and make you feel more positive.
Try some relaxation techniques
Learning to relax is important for overcoming nervousness and managing stress in general. Breathing exercises are one way to practice relaxation.
Deep breathing is an exercise that can be practiced anytime and anywhere you feel anxious. There are different types of breathing exercises that have been shown to work. These include 4-7-8 breathing techniques and diaphragmatic breathing.
In addition, you can apply some exercises to relax such as: exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, listening to music, spending time resting, playing with pets, doing things you like, using incense Whether…
Anxiety is a completely natural response to a new experience or situation that is beyond your control. Although uncomfortable, the feeling is only temporary and you will feel better once the situation is over.
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