Macbook screen replacement dubai

02-11-2021 à 05:03:23
The MacBook Air display is an absolute breakthrough in modern technology made by Apple engineers. The creators have achieved amazing thinness of the screen - only 4.86 mm. At the same time, the image quality of the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air models impresses with their realism, thanks to the excellent resolution, which is not inferior to displays of a much larger size. A laptop with a diagonal of 11 inches received a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels, and a 13-inch
device - 1440 × 900 PPi, Developers have also added LED backlighting to provide high-quality color reproduction and extra brightness. Users who have already appreciated the benefits of the MacBook.
Reasons to replace MacBook Air
None of the laptops are safe from all kinds of breakdowns, even such as the MacBook Air. Most
often, the screen suffers as the most vulnerable part of the device. Service center employees
regularly encounter damage not only to the screen but also to the need to replace the MacBook
Air matrix. The reasons for the repair are many:
• Laptop fall;
• Moisture or tipping over of tea,
• coffee; Damage to the case;
• Blow on the top cover, screen;
• Slamming the lid with foreign objects (pens, pencils);
• Broken or cracked screen;
• The failure of the decoder;
• Image distortion;
• The backlight does not work;
• There are "broken" pixels,
• stripes, spots;
• The display does not turn on;
Replacing a MacBook Air matrix at a service center To bring your laptop back to life, leave a request for a service to replace the MacBook Air matrix in the Macbook screen replacement Dubai service center. Certified masters with extensive experience will find out the malfunctions by making a free diagnosis of the device and replace the damaged parts with new ones with a repair guarantee. You can find our branches within walking distance from Dubai metro stations (see on the map). If you do not have the opportunity to visit our service center, you can use courier delivery.
Macbook screen replacement dubai have qualified specialists and the availability of special equipment, we guarantee excellent quality of work performe in Macbook Pro. You can always read reviews of our customers and make sure of our professionalism.
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