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14-01-2021 à 10:14:04
The coolest game ever existed for students.
Online the impossible quiz is a free puzzle game featuring a wide range of questions from different subjects.
Through playing, students can learn new things and test their IQ.
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16-01-2021 à 12:01:24
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21-01-2021 à 17:21:50
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15-05-2022 à 05:48:23
All you have to do to accomplish the Impossible Quiz is using all seven Skips you earned during the game on this question. This implies that if you've used at least one of them before arriving here (or if you didn't acquire one of the two Skips in Question 84), the game is effectively unbeatable. You can also breed your dragons on Impossible Quiz, you can see in this guide on how to do it.
15-05-2022 à 17:31:43
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